KlimaKontor Basel: Artistic Spaces of Negotiation for Shaping the Future
KlimaKontor Basel initiates interdisciplinary and participatory art projects that connect Basel institutions with actors from the fields of art, science, and civil society, with the aim of developing sustainable, solidaric, and innovative responses to the climate crisis. Here, its co-leader and founder Barbara Ellenberger reports on the history of the network’s development, examples of its current projects, and her previous experiences of building the network. How can the cultural sector help give the climate movement a louder voice among politicians and the public? How can it convey to us as citizens that the threat we face is to our own survival and that of our children? How can concerns about climate change be amplified and better communicated through art? How might art help politicians find the courage to prioritize fact-based politics above struggles for power? What can we do to make all of us aware of the incredible urgency of the current situation? How can we as a society move into an inspired “crisis mode” of curious experimentation? How can we make or welcome decisions with regard to the climate crisis that are as radical as the threat itself? What must we have understood in order to do what is obvious and necessary? It is these and other questions that drive us in continually developing KlimaKontor.

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