Cri­an­za Or The Art of Nur­tin­ing – An­dean Cos­mo­vi­sions In Com­mu­ni­ty Ed­u­ca­tion

In this Interview with Alejandro Cevallos and Sofía Olascoaga, Grimaldo Rengifo Vásquez reflects on the trajectory of his work since his essay A propósito de Freire(Nurturance in the Andes,  2001), in which he breaks with Freire’s critical literacy method. He describes the complex insights and circumstances that informed his transformation from a militant educator into an accompanier of the decolonizing dynamic which had been started by the native Andeans as far back as the first day after the European invasion. His investigations and experiences with respect to indigenous cosmovisions, and particularly the Andean cosmovision anchored in the chacra, play a central part in this change of approach.

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