Response-Ability in künstlerischer Praxis, Forschung und Lehre
The debate around climate change has become a mainstream issue in society. Students and schoolchildren are increasingly politically engaged, and this also requires an agility on the part of institutions, which now find themselves called upon to consider how sustainability can be taught, and how they can move their teaching programs toward an ecologically oriented pedagogy. Jacqueline Baum, a lecturer at the HFK’s Art Education program, has developed a training course on art and climate change that draws upon her own practice of artistic research, aimed at art educators working in the canton of Bern. A series of three events used experimental strategies and formats to explore how the topic can be introduced at upper secondary level, combing a theoretical approach with practical workshops and group exercises based on an example scenarios, with a focus on ecological art pedagogy and sustainable educational practices. Each of the three events explored a different theme: 1) Whose Nature – Who Is Nature; 2) Connected and Isolated; and 3) Dialog and Symbiosis. New forms of sustainable art pedagogy were tested and discussed throughout, while accompanying presentations described strategies from within artistic research. The aim was to develop ideas and concepts for how knowledge and skills that arise at the interface of science, art, and art education can be utilized in teaching. The field of art education and pedagogy offers the possibility of establishing new ways of dealing with other forms of life and creating new communities, and it should aim to make this practice of care visible within committees and spatial conditions. The notion of “response-ability” as the capacity to find answers can lead the way here, both within educational settings and in developing management strategies. In the best case, artistic practice, research, and education is capable of addressing urgent contemporary issues and opening them up to action – and maybe even empowerment.

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