From sitting on sifted knowledge. A reflection on the subconscious
When did you last wash your hands? Can you still remember who it was that taught you to do it? How would you explain how we should wash our hands? While it might seem unusual to consider a simple activity like handwashing, it can make us aware of the ways in which we appropriate knowledge. We assume that knowledge has developed over time through the influence of many different actors and so is changeable, meaning the world views that are connected with and arise from this knowledge are also always up for discussion. At the same time, this perspective unavoidably requires the participation, responsibility, and agency of all bodies. How can social roles and power relations be negotiated in this context? We investigated these initial topics by means of a podcast and a video performance, in which seemingly self-evident and supposedly “natural” body knowledge (such as handwashing) was revealed to be constructed, and behaviors learned from role models were questioned.

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