Are You Sure? Zoom in
The following text is a revised part of my master thesis, Are you sure? Zoom in. Approaching the unapproachable computer. A strategy of empowerment. The question is explored on the basis of the interplay between artistic and art analytical work. The thesis at the outset was that the computer is unapproachable because of its being a complex and mystified dispositive. This condition is examined from different positions. Users do not know what they are really dealing with and are forced to comply with web developers' decisions. Based on Olia Lialina's concept of digital folklore, the aim is to empower simple users and the ephemeral traces they leave on the web. The artistic strategy zoom in was developed based on work with multiple theories. Zoom in stands for approaching an unapproachable Computer. In the act of zooming in, users arrive at unimagined places via pointless detours. The strategy describes four aspects that are examined more closely: infrastructure, sub-actions, the individual and pixels. Artistic artifacts that try to dissolve the distance to the myth that is the computer can be found on the blog

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