Montage as a narrative and emancipatory mediation strategy
I propose that the montage, as a media-independent narrative principle that can work with omissions and contradictions, cancel authorship and originality, and reflect on the medium itself, contains a specific potential for an emancipatory politics of mediation; this was my thesis, which I have pursued in a practical and theoretical discussion. In autumn 2017, I presented the exhibition La visite dessinée (The Drawn Visit) at Pavillon Blanc in Colomiers (F). The curator chose eight positions from a collection of contemporary French art and commissioned me to re-stage and narrate the works in an exhibition. I wanted to fulfill this mediation task without assuming the role of the omniscient schoolmaster, trying instead to conceive an exhibition for emancipated spectators. Afterwards, I set myself the task of translating the exhibition into a publication, with the aim of conveying both the exhibition's contents and its mode of mediating. Finally, in the publication series Die gezeichnete Führung (The Drawn Visit), I generated a productive friction out of the pedagogical dilemma by way of postulations that negotiate didactics through didactics itself. In the theoretical discussion I placed Jacques Rancière's The Emancipated Spectator and The Ignorant Schoolmaster in relation to theories of narrative and montage as well as my publication series The Drawn Guide. I also tried to sharpen Rancière's concept of the third thing and to draw general conclusions about an emancipatory politics of mediation by means of montage and narration.

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