Front Cov­ers for Vir­tu­al Es­says and Non-​Ex­is­tent Books, 2004-​2016

The board presented here, echoing those found in school libraries, was made for the exhibition Art School, curated by Avi Lubin at Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2016. Celebrating the 70th anniversary of HaMidrasha art college, the show opted to create an actual functioning art art school rather than offer an historical overview. The board brings together samples from a variety of projects, ranging from a series of iconic weapons as the unlikely heroes of children’s books, to a reworking of Freud’s Standard Edition, to cover images I designed for actual essays published by an online platform on the topic of Opposition (edited by philosopher Nitzan Lebovic). My other contribution was a free handout consisting of ‘educational pastime games,’ including a sexuality crossword puzzle and a coloring page (reproduced here) smuggled into the military prison cell of a soldier who refused to serve in the occupied territories.

Short CVs of the authors: