stories of lumbung practices: mediating documenta fifteen as a sobat
For documenta fifteen, the collective ruangrupa, which had taken over the artistic direction of the Kassel exhibition, introduced the lumbung practice. To what extent the principles of this practice were applied to the Walks and Stories (exhibition tours), and how the sobat-sobat applied them to their work as art mediators, is what I am investigating from the perspective of sobat and researcher at the same time. This article is based on my master's thesis with the same title. It focuses on the fields of tension inherent to art mediation as well as documenta fifteen specifically between documenta gGmbH and the lumbung practice within and on which the sobat-sobat worked. Based on my own observations and informed by a focus group discussion with four mediators, I elaborated four mediation strategies: Dialogue, Please or make them feel uncomfortable, Make Friends not Mediation, Against the Current.

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