The idea comes while drawing
Progressive digitalization is changing our perception, our thinking and our actions. It also changes our relationship to the image. Yet at the same time, the relevance of visual education must constantly be defended. Instead of thinking through drawing about the power and effects of images–thinking in images and placing them in new contexts–school tends to treat image-making according to a certain scheme oriented towards homogeneous, easily assessable visual products. In my view, new approaches and examples are needed, especially in didactics; those that do not portray drawing as an imitation of existing image categories, but as a thought process; a visual thought process that is individual and can take place across disciplines. What it means to connect drawing with thinking and what challenges and possibilities a reflexive drawing practice could bring for primary schools, are questions I have investigated experimentally and scientifically within the framework of the master thesis The idea comes while drawing. In my work, drawing is both the object and method of research – visual and linguistic thought processes mutually inspire and reflect each other.

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