Assembly of questions
Science/art/criticism usually begins by formulating questions. These questions can concern an object of research, or of criticism, or what surrounds us – they start with a frown or a pause. A feeling of unease, which might not actually need a tangible object to become a question. Asking a question – many questions, asked by the questioning in unexpected places and fields at unexpected times – becomes an emancipatory act. Daring to raise one’s voice brings self-possession and empowerment, interrupting the long monologue of judgement; the verdict over what is true and false and correct, visible and invisible, acceptable and unacceptable. Maja Linke selects and recombines questions from her PhD thesis, “from WE and YOU to WYOU: harmful speech and criticism” (2013), which includes a corpus of 943 questions relating to linguistic violence. On both the visual and auditory levels, her contribution presents questioning as an artistic method and a critical capacity for action.

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