Festival Structure as Format: Performance, Research, and Education
The ACT Performance Festival is an annual event in Switzerland that has been offering a platform for students to showcase performance art since 2003, initiated by art academies in Zurich, Lucerne, Sierre, Geneva, Bern, and Basel. Benjamin Sunarjo and Gisela Hochuli have each been involved in the organization of the festival during different parts of its existence. In an open conversation, they speak about the festival and how it has changed over the years, exploring what enables it to serve as a learning environment. The festival emphasizes the importance of trying new ideas and encourages risk-taking. It takes place in different cities and allows students to test their performances in diverse settings. Debriefing sessions and feedback from experts provide valuable insights for the students to further develop their artistic practices. ACT fosters collective thinking and inspires students to push the boundaries of their artistic pursuits, supported by a team of organizers who are themselves passionate performance artists.

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