Raising Doubts, Questioning Beliefs
Our usual habits of perception, thought, and action are shaken when something we previously took for granted is brought into doubt. These are not questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no, or quiz questions that allow only one possible answer. Instead, a productive disturbance results from questions that present themselves without anyone necessarily having asked them. A question may arise while someone is giving an answer. It can bother us. It thrusts itself upon us, like the sense of astonishment that often triggers a restructuring of our field of experience. Questioning and amazement are relationships to the world that serve as the starting points for learning something new; they force their way into our awareness because something is brought into question. This goes beyond factual questions and simple requests for information. To make something questionable is like the sense of amazement we feel at an event; it is an experience that cannot be caught, and which begins working on us before we have even begun to work through it ourselves.

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