Think­ing Through /Dif­fer­ence/ in Art Ed­u­ca­tion Con­texts

Work­ing the Third Space and Be­yond

This essay was published in 1999. It explores the difficulty of «difference» within pluriculturalist art education. It explores the dominant liberal humanist approach to such difference, which appears outreaching and generous but has many difficulties within the paradigm of representation. I explore the third space of hybridity, which was being developed in the early '90s in order to question the hegemonic claims of pluriculturalism in art education. As a «way out» I raise the possibility of three art texts of worldliness ending on the call for a turn to popular culture and fantasy, which have, in the 21st century, become common touchstones via visual culture, and especially through the enormous output of Slavoj Žižek.

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