Questions of Inside and Outside – resolved in the utopia of communal,[1] anti-hegemonic knowledge production

Everyone is ‘ignorant’ as long as marginalized knowledge is ignored, as long as knowledge is produced without critical reflection on its dimension of power. Knowledge production is linked to violent processes of legitimation and de-legitimation. One knowledge is posited as the norm while another is denied recognition or devalued. As a consequence, we must examine and attack the hegemonic basis of ignorant knowledge production. In the name of resistance and as an emancipatory claiming of space. As a shared anti-hegemonic practice. The word ‘knowledge’ must be chewed over, again and again.

[1] This text is the result of an exercise in joint text production, collaging old productions and new developments. Those who participated in this process were: Cristina Ursu, Gerhilde Merz, Jo Schmeiser, Luzenir Caixeta, Rocío del Río Lorenzo, Rúbia Salgado, Safiyeh Sayyed and Tania Araujo.

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