Be­tween canon an so­cio-​cul­ture

Ex­plo­rations on the field of school mu­sic in the Ger­man speak­ing part of Switzer­land

This paper presents an explorative study about music classes in «Sekundarschulen» and «Gymnasien» in the German speaking part of Switzerland. The intention of this work was to gain insight into the thinking of music teachers about their teaching and to develop research questions for future projects. Therefore the authors interviewed music teachers online with their respective curricula as the basis of the survey. It emerged that teachers of the «Sekundarschule» have a high sensitivity of the claims, abilities and interests of their students and orient their teaching towards these frame conditions. On the «Gymnasien», music classes agree more strongly with the curricular goals. However, different types of music teachers can be described which represent different didactical and methodological concepts.

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