On Being Somewhere Between a Teacher and Everything Else
We are five people who are each studying at the HBK Braunschweig or have done. We met during the seminar “Situated between the Chairs” and all want to become teachers – whether sooner or later, absolutely determined or still thinking about it. At the same time, we are also (performance) artists, dancers, art and theater educators, and artistic researchers. It is precisely these spaces between being a teacher and being everything else that interest us: what conditions are associated with this status, and how we can use them productively? How do we each position ourselves, as individuals working between two fields? How can we blur the borders? And what roles do our bodies play in this? From a lecture performance delivered at the seminar, we produced an audio collage and a score-like visualization of its audible elements according to a set of collectively agreed rules. Our reflections, negotiation of our multiple voices, and artistic research come together in this audio collage, as a way of making our engagement visible and audible.

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