Extracurricular support for art: Dare to expand!
The master's thesis is a comparison of extra-curricular artistic promotion in the Lucerne area with the K'werk in Basel-Stadt and an examination of the concept of creativity. It was written in the frame of the fine arts program with a major in art in public spheres. In research, creativity is often defined as "the process of creating something new and useful."Problem-solving behavior is seen as an occasion for creativity, which various neuroscientists have proven can be promoted. Yet creative promotion in schools is limited. My thesis, which forms the basis of this contribution, presents ideas for the implementation of a promotion plan for schools and at a politicallevel. An empirical comparison of access, financial expenditure, creativity promotion and the gender impacts of the offers of extra-curricular art education in Lucerne with the K'werk in Basel are central to the undertaking. My evaluation shows that enabling financing is essential to ensuring barrier-free access for young people. Suitable spaces, generous time management and the open discussion of problems are indispensable in the promotion of creativity. Results are divergent in regards to gender and course contents are crucial. The foundingof the BildWerkLuzernis validatedinthe conclusion of the research. A subsequent PhD thesis is intended to elaborate inter-cantonal comparisons of offers, political financial factors and the history of extra-curricular support for art.

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