"OH, SUCK IT!" WAS JUST TOO MUCH FOR THEM. A conversation about algorithms, money and sexual education on the Internet.
In 2018 the collective Feige, founded by Ebru Düzgün, Franziska Kabisch, Magdalena Fischer, Malu Blume and Sophie Utikal, produced the video series Love, Sex & Real Talk.
 In the 14-part web series on sexual self-determination, 11 girls and young women between the ages of 15 and 19 examine myths about sexuality and body norms. The videos are intended to contribute to making the diversity of sexuality and gender visible and to set a counterpoint to the heteronormative discourses of the mainstream. The makers drew on their own histories of sexual learning in considering which stigmas, myths and normative constructions make it difficult–by, for example, creating shame and insecurity–to achieve a self-determined sexual practice. The Videos were part of a campaign on the sexual self-determination of girls and were created on behalf of the Department of women's health of the MA24 of the city of Vienna and in cooperation with the Museum of Contraception and Abortion and The Flash Mädchencafé. In the following, Feige members Malu, Magda and Franzis talk about the process behind the video series, about experiential sexual knowledge, misogynous trolls and the connection between (sexual) self-determination and queer feminism.

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Love, Sex & Real Talk: https://tinyurl.com/yx6lomfl

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