… um das Ende der Welt aufzuhalten! Ein kollektives Nachdenken zum Klimawandel
As a collective of authors made up of artists, students, researchers, cultural agents, and activists, our aim is to find a collaborative approach to the question of what the corona crisis has to do with the climate change crisis. This question serves as the starting point for a shared reflection, considered in relation to our various positions and situations. What sort of questions can collective and artistic considerations raise with regard to climate change? How are marginalized and diverse positions included in these reflections? How and what do we learn (and unlearn) from and with one another? How does art experiment with collective forms of thought and action? Following the “METTRAGE positionen-relationen” artistic method, we will work together to produce new questions. The method was developed by Katharina Stahlhoven and Silke Ballath in their capacity as cultural agents, as a negotiating tool for creative schools. The process makes collective thinking visible and negotiable. It positions a participant’s specific perspective in order that it can be further developed in exchange with another person or group, re-contextualizing and modifying it and setting it in motion. Our contribution will comprises a collective image, seven individual images, a conversation, and a question that will lead our discussion.

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