In­di­vid­ual con­cepts of mu­sic teach­ers

An em­pir­i­cal study as a con­tri­bu­tion to ba­sic re­search in mu­sic ed­u­ca­tion

This paper gives an insight into an empirical study about individual concepts of music teachers. Interviews about the preparation of music lessons were put in relation with the biographical backgrounds of the interviewees. It is revealed that on the one part individual concepts can only be understood in the context of the respective biography and on the other part individual concepts take an important function in the construction of each biography. On the basis of the results of the study, the author expresses the request that in the training of future music teachers, biographical influences should have a greater significance and working conditions should be given attention to earlier. Furthermore she pleads that the problems teachers encounter at their work should be reinterpreted as learning discrepancies.

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