Fragments of Anti-Racist Critique in Educational Contexts
“Fragments of Anti-Racist Critique in Educational Contexts” is a research project led by the prospective teachers Agnes Biya, Luise Ramm, and Eva Marie Klein, carried out in collaboration with the artists Clara Laila Abid Alsstar and Mako Sangmongkhon and with the support of Silke Ballath. Together, they explore the question of what affects racism triggers and how these can be articulated and artistically negotiated. During a weekend at FLORIDA Lothringer13, a publicly funded art space in Munich, group-dynamic processes and conversations were used to link perspectives, open imaginative spaces, and discuss approaches to solutions. How is powerless experienced? What kind of awareness is needed to reflect upon one’s own privileges and “white spots”? What does a safe space need? How are sensitive spaces created? How is empowerment created? And how can these challenges be met in educational settings? This publication documents the project’s work through fragments, bringing together various different elements of a collaborative artistic production.

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