«Mu­sic has a mean­ing to me»

Mean­ing con­struc­tion in mu­sic class­es as a di­men­sion of mu­sic re­lat­ed ed­u­ca­tion

This paper discusses the educational potential of music classes in which music-related meaning is constructed. The term «meaning» is based on a constructivist approach. The «moderate constructivism» according to Siegfried J. Schmidt (1994) takes account of the social context, in which each individual is integrated. In this context, a justification of an assignment of meaning needs to be intersubjectively traceable. Music classes in schools become, according to the author, a predestined place to construct meaning, as individuals with different, already constructed meanings of music meet, which may cause a perturbation of the meanings of others. In this way, existing constructs can be broadened or changed and educational processes can be initiated.

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