Rehearsing Researching: Re-enactment of a script through collaborative writing
This article is based on a critical engagement with the practical conditions of teaching and doing research, which are significantly influenced by the respective artistic and theoretical backgrounds of the three authors involved in this project, by the media through which they communicate and (inter)act, and by the artistic, educational and scientific strategies and practices implemented in the work itself. Together the writers try out the experimental practice of re-scription as a mode of research. They bring to bear their individual writing experiences on the situation of co-writing this e-journal article by engaging with concepts from artistic-educational theories, such as becoming research, working from conditions, turning education and chronopolitics. It is an experimental approach to methodological processes, developed by way of pedagogical, artistic, and radical publishing strategies. The making of this article thus becomes part of a time-permitting and probing research process, which aims to infuse future artistic ways of teaching and learning.

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