Being exposed as a lecturer. Proposal for a reflexive positioning of university teaching on the exemplary basis of art pedagogy
To reflect on teaching art education "from art" (see Sturm 2011), I select being exposed as a starting point. Being exposed marks a place on the threshold between the critical appreciation of action and its conditions and a perspective that makes it possible to consider its passive aspects (see Settele 2019). In pursuit of the feeling of being exposed, I develop a perspective for feminist art education at master level. Taking interest in powerful addresses, roles and norms as well as in emancipatory pedagogy, I observe, from a theory-driven perspective, how individual and collective subjects of teaching interact with each other from their respective positions in teaching situations, and also what acts on them. To this end, I employ Judith Butler’s feminist concept of the post-sovereign, bound subject, making it the starting point for a reflexive positioning of teaching. This necessitates differentiating how I apply a political-philosophical concept in a non-existential, aesthetic field. As a reflexive concept, being exposed is not to be equated with the stronger concepts of feminist theoretical approaches, such as precariousness or vulnerability (see Butler 2016), or impressionability and susceptibility (see Butler 2014: 177). Situating an exercise on the reception of art in the context of art-pedagogical teacher education provides occasion for reflection on the conditionality of the subjects of teaching. The result is a textual contribution, which asks how art pedagogy educates and what takes effect within it.

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