Breaking Open Old Structures: How Can the Colonial Structures of the Museum Be Broken Up and New Points of Access Created?
The podcast presented in this issue is the result of our engagement with the history, functions, actors, and target audience of the museum, and their relationships to education. Using guiding questions, we discuss changes aimed at breaking apart hegemonic structures and increasing sensitivity toward diversity in the institutions of the museum and the school – both those changes that have already been made and others that still need to be. Beyond our personal interest in these subjects, we also have a responsibility as citizens – and above all as future teachers – to work through, explore, and question important themes and challenges, such as racism, discrimination, and restitution. The fact that these topics are still dealt with too little in schools makes this all the more important. At the same time, art lessons in school have great potential – for reflecting on certain issues, widening the artistic canon, and introducing postcolonial practices.

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