Nanna Lüth

Art | A Crit­i­cal Per­spec­tive on Racism | Art Ed­u­ca­tion On Fragili­ty and Re­sis­tance

to edit this issue of Art Education Research that focuses on the challenges related to work in art and art education that takes a critical perspective on racism. Since summer 2016, also addresses issues related to developing a critical perspective on racism within the context of institutional development. considers ways to combat the silencing of migrant-situated knowledge about the terror committed by the “National Socialist Underground“ (NSU) and the institutionalized racism, upon which it is based, within the framework of an exhibition and presentation at documenta 14.  

Ayşe Güleç 

Michele Faguet (engl. revision), Laura Somann (en-dt), Michelle Standley (dt-en)

Maja Renn

Administration Dora Borer, Eunjeong Gross